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Douding Blog was created in February 2021. So far, the team has expanded to 15 people. Our original intention is to integrate domestic and foreign managed hosting evaluations and share cloud server evaluation experience. Categories covered in this blog include:

Vps evaluation, cloud web hosting evaluation, wordpress managed hosting evaluation, how to build a website, how to make money from your blog through marketing alliances, IT programmers freelance to make money story sharing .

As an old programmer, all the above aspects are my own experience, and the approximate development line of the story is

Learn to build a cloud virtual host (wordpress) → learn to optimize your blog → learn to seo → find a suitable advertising network to make money .

But in fact this process is difficult, very difficult, just like starting a business, why can’t you be successful when others succeed? Be a personal blog, the only way to make money

Of course, the development prospects of a blog also need the support of sponsors. It is precisely because of your support that we will do better and let others know us in depth, so Douding Blog began to invite sponsors to cooperate. We will Bring more traffic to your products with our professional services to expose your products. In terms of cooperation requirements, we pay more attention to excellent products!

There are some small requirements for our cooperation

1. We hope that the cooperating products are stable and fast, without security risks, and the best network speed without any criticism.

2. We hope that the partner is an enterprise or a team.

3. We hope that partners will pay attention to protecting user privacy

This is our offer(RMB denominated)

1. The price of A1 advertising space is 3500 yuan/3 months (with a host evaluation article, such as Bluehost web hosting space installation WordPress teaching )

2. The quotation for A2 advertising space is 2,500 yuan / 3 months (with a host quotation product details article, such as Bluehost )

3. The quotation for B2 advertising space is 2,000 yuan/6 months (the content is picture + direct link)

4. The quotation for C3 advertising space is 6,000 yuan/6 months (the content is picture + direct link, or picture + evaluation article)

5. The price of the tutorial area is 5,000 yuan (this content is a permanent article in theory, because we are not willing to delete our own original articles. However, the term of the terms is 36 months, generally 10-20 sponsored host usage tutorials)

6. The host price is 300 yuan (the content is permanently saved, except if the sponsor adjusts the direction of the company’s products)

We focus on following network norms

1. Do not accept advertisements of site types prohibited by laws and regulations, do not accept advertisements that are easy to cause ambiguity, do not accept pop-up advertisements, plug-ins, bundled and related similar advertisements, and the pages pointed to by advertisements contain Trojan horses, viruses and other malicious programs Once found, the advertisements will be deleted immediately, and no refund will be given;

2. The products we accept include: cloud server, high defense server, vps, cloud virtual host, cloud storage, CDN, cloud on-demand, cloud live broadcast, cloud SMS, SSL certificate, database, identity security, application security, etc.;

3. All advertisements prohibit excessively exaggerated and vague words such as “best” and “recommended”; must not contain “QQ number” (only supports official website links); cause confusion;

4. The text and pictures related to the advertisement space are allowed to be modified, but no more than 3 times per month; the related domain name cannot be modified, please protect the security of the domain name by yourself;

5. The advertisement content must pass our review before it can be placed (such as file size and image quality). If the advertisement image is in FLASH format, please do not use sound effects and automatic pop-up window effects when the mouse is moved. Affects the viewer’s vision; (Disclaimer, the Big Bang platform does not participate in the business behavior of advertising sponsors, and we are unable to accurately determine and intervene in the business behavior of advertising sponsors (but we will try our best), so users are advised to treat sponsors with caution If you find the wrongdoing of the sponsor, please give us feedback.)

contact us

If you support our philosophy and want to cooperate with us, you can contact us. Our team is a group of hard-working little bees. We will optimize Douding Blog in a professional manner and recommend your products in a fair and objective manner!

Email: 718289001#qq.com

Sponsor cooperation

Sponsor cooperation

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