WordPress + Small Business = Success

Easy to operate

WordPress focuses on user experience and ease of use. Of the major CMS systems, the WordPress panel is the easiest to use. The WordPress core team has been working hard to improve the simplicity of its operation, even making WordPress easier to operate with each new release. For enterprises, time is money, and the task at hand must be completed as soon as possible.


WordPress + Small Business = Success

Reasonable price

WordPress is an open source tool, which means that users can get the source code for free. You have to find a place to store the source code and run the code, but the code itself is free of charge, which makes it affordable for small businesses just starting out.

Multiple users and user roles

WordPress supports multiple users out of the box, and users can also have different roles and permission levels. This is very convenient, because the business owner does not need to do all the website operations by himself. Any other user, as long as his role matches the task, will help the business owner to complete the task.


There are thousands of free custom themes on WordPress.org that users can download and modify to match their business style. If you want to install a theme with more functions, then the high-end theme will definitely suit you. In general, we recommend that you download plugins to expand the functionality of your website, but some high-end themes also have some other special effects. There are many top high-end themes on MOJO Marketplace, you can go and browse.

Not content with a generic theme, are you ready to hire a designer to create a customized look and layout for your website? You can completely create custom themes for your WordPress site to meet your specific needs. This is generally more expensive than downloading pre-built themes directly, but the result is a website that matches your branding style very well.


There are thousands of plugins available on WordPress.org that you can download to extend the functionality of your website. Download the relevant plugins to create a simple contact list or build a complex e-commerce website. Easily add relevant plugins to help achieve your business goals, such as increasing email capture and mailing lists. What kind of service do you need, and what kind of plug-in will help you implement the service.

mobile client

WordPress has clients for both iPhone and Android systems, where you can update content, publish content, and even manage various sections of your website non-stop. You don’t need to sit in front of a computer to upgrade your website, with the mobile client, updating your website has never been easier.

Adjustment function

Your website is getting more and more popular and traffic is starting to increase. At this time, you have to consider optimizing your website. WordPress provides related plugins, and here, your custom theme starts to become more attractive. If your themes and plugins are optimized, you can always upgrade to a larger server. This is a good thing because it means your site is popular and growing. Whether you’re upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting, or from optimized hosting for WordPress to dedicated hosting, we at Bluehost can help.