WordPress hosting vs virtual hosting

Today, WordPress provides website building services for millions of websites all over the world. Under normal circumstances, this popular website building tool and content management system supports users to download and install for free in various host environments. However, for users who have higher requirements for WordPress features and functions, those hosting packages specially built for WordPress are more effective and safer than virtual hosting packages.

WordPress hosting vs virtual hosting

Virtual hosting plan: more choices, more platforms

Given that WordPress is a free and open source platform that anyone can use, it has successfully boarded the website building tool platforms and applications provided in various virtual hosting packages. In addition, virtual hosting companies also provide customer support for various other website building tools, and the technical support they provide must be able to solve all problems related to this.

Nowadays, shared hosting has become one of the basic forms of virtual hosting, that is, multiple sites (usually thousands of sites) share the shared space on a single server owned and maintained by the hosting company. In this host environment, the WordPress website is just one of many types of websites on the shared server, and all websites on the server will share common resources such as memory and bandwidth on the server.

The host company that sells this type of virtual hosting solution will be responsible for repairing the server, installing common security features, and performing real-time updates. In view of the fact that a large number of sites are hosted on this server at the same time, these sites are very vulnerable to malware attacks and are extremely vulnerable to security issues of adjacent sites.

As websites develop and grow, they may exceed the resource limits provided by the hosting plan at the beginning, which may limit the size and memory of the hosted websites, and when these websites become too large or visited too frequently to be shared When virtual server resources, that is when the service is terminated. In this case, these website owners will turn to other custom and scalable hosting plans.

One of the alternatives is VPS hosting-a derivative product of a mixture of virtual hosting and independent hosting. The VPS host uses virtualization technology to divide the shared server into multiple independent spaces, so as to ensure that each site in the VPS environment can use the allocated server resources for independent installation and management.

For large websites with high traffic, or those with complex requirements for security, independent hosting can provide each user with a single independent server, and no longer need to share resources with other websites. You know, the independent hosting plan will allocate all resources to a website, users can freely manage the site in any way they want, and the supplier promises to provide round-the-clock technical support and hosting service packages.

In short, these hosting plans all support users to install and run WordPress sites, but the above services and support do not apply to WordPress issues related to performance and security. However, WordPress hosting can create customer support and services dedicated to this platform for you.

WordPress hosting: the perfect solution for WordPress sites

Although many hosts already support WordPress, these technical support are not tailored to the functions of the WordPress platform, and may not be able to provide WordPress users with the solutions they need to maximize the performance of the website. The WordPress hosting plan sets up unique WordPress functions and designs the hosting environment for the target audience according to different levels of service and pricing.

Although WordPress hosting plans are designed to provide hosting solutions just like general hosting services, they are specifically designed for WordPress. Therefore, no matter what stage of site development, WordPress users can successfully achieve their goals.

WordPress hosting vs virtual hosting

Nowadays, although many hosting chambers provide additional WordPress services in addition to basic services, the emphasis on these platforms is very different. These programs usually provide dedicated shared space for WordPress sites on the corresponding servers to ensure that server resources and software are only allocated to WordPress sites.

In this hosting environment, the fewer the number of websites hosted on a single server, the most efficient allocation of server resources. This will also bring more stability to the hosting environment, because the possibility of downtime and slowdown of other websites due to a surge in traffic on one website has been greatly reduced.

Nowadays, WordPress hosting options are generally included in the hosting services or independent servers of hosting companies that provide VPS hosting services. In this case, the WordPress website can share space on the dedicated virtual partitioned server for WordPress, thus supporting users to control and expand the VPS hosting service, and optimize it for the specific functions and requirements of WordPress. Users can choose their own management plan and manage and run their own website with the support of professional WordPress-trained technicians provided by the host, or directly leave part or all of the management functions to the host to perform on their behalf.

However, independent hosting companies can also provide WordPress options to run WordPress more efficiently and securely by optimizing servers that host only a single website. Independent hosting packages can generally be divided into options such as self-management to full hosting, including all WordPress-related support provided by technical support personnel to specifically solve platform-related issues.

In all forms, WordPress hosting services can support security features designed to address WordPress unique vulnerabilities. Since the host company clearly knows the corresponding platforms of all sites on the server, installation and upgrade of security functions can be easier and faster to provide maximum protection for the site, whether it is on a global scale or in a personal installation. Since the solution only needs to manage the WordPress platform, relevant support staff and customer representatives can provide in-depth answers and solutions to WordPress-related issues, and there is no need to be proficient in different platforms and services.

Which groups need to buy WordPress hosting?

In view of the popularity of WordPress, the platform is open to users ranging from experienced developers to inexperienced novices. WordPress hosting can be installed in almost every hosting environment. However, for many small low-traffic websites, its basic functions are similar to related plug-ins and simple control panels, which can be managed in all these regular hosting services. For users who want to tap the full potential of WordPress, the dedicated hosting package of the platform can ensure that these websites run more efficiently and smoothly.

Because it can provide more flexibility for customizing and extending WordPress functions, this hosting service can often attract users with WordPress development experience. However, when you purchase a WordPress hosting service, even those users who lack professional skills can enjoy all the features of WordPress in a safe and flexible environment.

However, compared to general hosting services that add WordPress options, WordPress hosting plans are more expensive, but they can provide more technical support and security that users want to help them further play WordPress. In short, for all users, whether it is a general hosting service or a WordPress hosting service, they can use the specific and functions of today’s most popular website building platform and use this to build their favorite website.

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