Tencent Ali was also exposed to layoffs, how is the authenticity?

Every time the personnel of Internet companies fluctuates, it will cause a lot of discussion. Although the proportion of Internet practitioners in the entire employment population is not large, they are very “volume”.

The reason is very simple. Some practitioners have used the development of Internet companies to have a voice channel, and many Internet media themselves, as practitioners, will pay more attention to the changes in the industry. Private use,” all these have led to the employment situation of Internet companies always in the spotlight.

Tencent Ali was also exposed to layoffs, how is the authenticity?

When the days are good , there are news of dozens of months of salary as a year-end bonus, the myth of realizing financial freedom at a young age, and the legend of pushing up local housing prices with the power of several companies.

When times are bad , we have also seen the news that the real estate is facing a collective check-out because a certain company was blocked from listing, and it is just like this problem.

Those who are concerned are all employees, so people who really practice the Zhihu slogan “annual salary of one million” in their lives have a rough workplace, which has caused so many discussions and even resonance, and has produced a trace of worry about riding a shared bicycle. texture.

Let’s talk about the matter, the problem facing Tencent is actually a big environmental problem, not a company that can easily overturn the sky.

A few years ago, with the Internet boom and China’s booming economy, Tencent, like many other labels, began to expand recruiting.

In 2017, there were still 44,796 people, 54,309 people in 2018, 62,885 people in 2019, and 85,858 people in 2020.

So far, there is no public data, but in the third quarter of 2021, the number of Tencent employees has exceeded 100,000.

This growth is based on the rapid growth of the entire Internet industry.

Whether it is the deep digging of the ToC business or the expansion of the ToB business, all these need to be supported by employees.

In terms of rapid expansion, Tencent is not the most radical in front of several domestic giants. In 2020 alone, Byte’s employees will increase from 60,000 to 100,000; and Ali is even more exaggerated. According to the statistics of the Times Weekly, as of 2020 At the end of 2020, the total number of Alibaba employees was 252,000, compared with 122,000 at the end of September 2020.

And everyone knows that this year is a conservative year .

Tencent Ali was also exposed to layoffs, how is the authenticity?

Although the concept of “wintering” is proposed every year, from the beginning of this year or even the end of last year, various actions of Internet companies have shown us that rapid development has changed from the general trend to risk control.

At the end of last year, the news of iQiyi’s large-scale layoffs broke out, with a ratio of 20% to 40%. Before that, half of the 8,000-person tutor team of ByteDance’s Guagualong was abolished, and local life services were basically completely abandoned, while Kuaishou Even the commercialization teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have completed the “transformation”.

Tencent Ali was also exposed to layoffs, how is the authenticity?

Let’s not list the war of words. From another point of view, according to Baidu Index, the search volume of the keyword “layoff” in December last year increased by five times compared with the average search situation in 2021.

I think the most ghostly thing is that, for the first time, I felt the arrival of the optimization of the Internet structure. It was when I was on a plane at the end of last year. The way out for factory employees.

Not long after I finished reading this magazine, my friend who was working at Commonwealth Magazine said that he had also encountered structural optimization, either leaving or changing groups, it was so amazing.

Behind these appearances, all are for ” cost reduction and efficiency increase “.

Some people say that the golden age of the Internet has come to an end, and some people say that this is a return from an abnormal state to a normal state. I think it makes sense. The core is that the changes in the general environment have made Internet companies invariably realize that the good days of growth are coming to an end. .

The international epidemic is still raging, and it may be the largest war after World War II. The once thriving scene was torn apart in an instant.

Although our ordinary people are well protected by the state, from the contraction of international capital to the decline of import and export trade, let enterprises know that the day of tightening their belts is coming, and under the general trend, retrograde is almost impossible.

Although Tencent’s financial report will not be released until March 23, there are already many predictions on the market, and the net profit may not be as beautiful as in previous years.

This is a problem faced by the entire Internet industry. Revenue has decreased and costs have remained high, resulting in a shrinking of net profit.

Tencent can of course continue to follow public opinion to maintain its current employees and current business volume, but this is not a commercially sensible approach.

For an enterprise, no matter how big the size is, change is always constant. To do better in a sluggish environment, and even take this as an opportunity to surpass its peers to achieve breakthroughs, the layout and structure must be adjusted. .

Tencent now seems to have started to deploy in two directions. The first is to strengthen R&D investment.

According to Tencent’s financial report, the R&D investment in the first three quarters of last year exceeded 37.8 billion, exceeding the total for the whole of 2019.

For Internet technology companies, R&D is the cornerstone, and commercialization is the follow-up to R&D. When the market is improving, the investment and manpower on commercialization will inevitably increase. After the market enters the new normal, it will naturally return. to core competitiveness.

Therefore, Tencent will reduce the commercialization team and maintain the scale of the R&D team for the long-term development.

I’m not even surprised that Tencent expands its own R&D team.

Personnel optimization is a rhetoric for job seekers, but it is indeed a very accurate description of the goal of organizational optimization at the enterprise level .

Another layout is to increase investment in ToB-side business.

When the incremental market peaked, all major Internet companies began to transform to ToB business.

Using its own technological advantages and years of precipitation to provide Internet infrastructure services is not a new topic.

Cloud technology, computing power, network, AI, some of these fields are done by specialized companies, but more of them are covered by major brands in the industry.

No matter which layout it is, there will be personnel adjustments, which sounds cold, but it is a stark reality.

Many big guys below this question have already provided their own insights, and I have a small observation that is slightly off-topic.

I felt a trace of anger from many of the answers, and I have resentment for this wave of personnel optimization in the Internet industry.

I can understand the origin of this resentment, but to be honest, we can’t double standards.

What the parents’ generation pursued is stability, and the idea of ​​a latte job is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so many of their career choices seem to be very rigid to young people. They graduated in a company, worked hard for decades, and took it. Not too high income and then retire.

When I was studying, some classmates complained that their parents “did not dare to break in” and did not let themselves become a rich second-generation.

Of course, my classmates’ views are very extreme, but when everyone discusses the beauty of the Internet age, there is often a subtext hidden in the bottom of the heart: we will not be like our parents.

Therefore, the Internet industry is also the industry with the highest turnover rate. Job-hopping and offers are more common in pursuit of career development and better material rewards.

It is true that Internet practitioners have also achieved their goals and earned income far exceeding that of other industries. An annual salary of one million is an unattainable myth for many people, while for Internet practitioners, it is sometimes Versailles that has been achieved.

Now that high returns have been obtained, the pursuit of stability at this time, and even the optimization of personnel due to changes in the general environment, has risen to the coldness of enterprises or capital, which is essentially a conflict .



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