Quickly choose the four steps to stabilize the US VPS

To choose your own suitable American VPS , and the need for a fast and stable American VPS is simply a headache. So how to quickly find a stable U.S. VPS ?

Quickly choose the four steps to stabilize the US VPS

1. Hard disk I/O read and write performance test:

The hard disk performance of the vps server , whether it is storage, read-write, and operating performance, directly affects the operation of our website programs and the speed of data loading, thereby affecting the normal browsing and access speed of the website. Therefore, the hard disk I/O performance of the US vps server Testing is also essential. Commonly used commands:

dd if=/dev/zeroof=testbs=64kcount=4koflag=dsync,

dd if=/dev/zeroof=testbs=8kcount=256kconv=fdatasync

These two commands mainly test the dd speed of the US vps server hard disk. Recommended reading: ” Factors to consider when choosing a US VPS host “

Quickly choose the four steps to stabilize the US VPS

2. Use the relevant vps server performance software to run the score test:

Commonly used software is UnixBench (UB) vps server performance test, which is a more comprehensive vps server performance test method. You can judge whether it is suitable for your own site construction needs based on the comprehensive performance of the vps server. If the score is less than 100, it is not directly Considering that a generally stable and fast US vps server will run around 400 points.

3. At this step, the network speed test of the US vps server is started:

WGET download test: test the download speed of vps server, commonly used command: wget. I won’t elaborate on this command, you should use it a lot. Recommended reading: “What do you need to pay attention to when renting a US vps host”

4. PING and TOP test:

Here is the use of a third-party PING tool to test the speed of PING. Some webmaster tools provide multi-line ping network speed test tools. Of course, we can also use the ping command to test the network speed directly locally. If we do a Chinese site Generally, PING is acceptable within 250, and some machines have higher PING speed, but the opening speed is not bad, so PING can only be used as a reference. At the same time, we can also use the top command to test the CPU usage.

The above are the four steps to choose to stabilize the US vps. Recommended related reading: “What are the benefits of using U.S. VPS hosting”



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