Open a game server, why must you buy high defense?

Anti-DDoS servers have become the first choice for many industries. It can not only resist network attacks, but also provide users with a smooth use environment. Especially in the game industry, why do you have to buy a high defense?

Open a game server, why must you buy high defense?

1. Ensure the normal operation of the game

At present, the game industry is deeply loved by many users, but there are also many malicious network attacks, and game service providers are deeply affected. Once attacked by the network, the game experience will be worse in the light of the game, and the gamer will not be able to access the game in the severe case. The harm to the game service provider is huge. If the game service provider adopts a high-defense server, it can defend against network attacks and clean traffic to ensure the normal operation of the game.

2. The server configuration is highlighted

For high defense servers, the configuration is very high. The server has more advantages than ordinary servers in terms of cpu, memory, hard disk, etc., and is faster in data processing and response. This can create a smooth use environment for gamers, and also have a competitive advantage among game peers. At present, the high defense of Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Huawei Cloud on the market are quite expensive, and most people cannot afford them. However, the high-defense cloud servers and high-defense IPs of manufacturers such as Panshiyun for game users are much more cost-effective.

3. Rich network resources

Anti-DDoS servers require abundant bandwidth resources to support. Therefore, when renting a high-defense server, the network bandwidth must be optimized by the line, the access is faster, and the network speed is more stable, which can improve the experience of gamers.

Through the above introduction on the configuration, network speed, stability, etc. of the Anti-DDoS Pro server, I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding of how the Anti-DDoS Pro server can help the game industry.